Apr 252013
Eurythmics Sweet Dreams Synth Part - How'd They Do That?

There are well-known synthesizer parts that are relatively easy to re-create and play. Some of these, like “Jump” (Van Halen), “Axel F” (Harold Faltermeyer),  “Separate Ways” (Journey), and “The Final Countdown” (Europe) will trigger instant groans and eye-rolls from synth fiends like me (especially if they worked around keyboards in a music store in the […]

Nov 282011
What do the Wasp, the OSCar, and the Supernova have in common?

What do the Electric Dream Plant Wasp, the Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar, and the Novation Supernova have in common? Chris Huggett, of course! Chris played an important role in the design of all of these instruments and others, and is still involved with Novation today. Read up on Chris and amaze your synthfiend friends with […]