Dec 072012
Micro-Key Snob Hypocrite? That's Me!

I’ve watched the growing micro-key keyboard trend with some disdain. “But they’re not full-size keys,” I say. They’re compact, even playable, but … I just realized I’m a hypocrite. Let’s back up a bit first. So where did the micro-key trend start? The lineage of the current line-up of micro-key keyboards is most easily followed […]

Jul 072012
Frankenweenie Synth Sighting

If you’re like me, any time you spot a synthesizer or keyboard in a movie or TV program, you’re immediately identifying what model it is (and hoping to get at least half the generous camera shots that singers and guitarists get, right?). I was pleased to see a synth appearance in a trailer for the […]

Dec 182011
Wendy Carlos Playboy Interview, May 1979

This is one time that I can honestly say I was reading a Playboy magazine for the articles. I came across this post about Wendy Carlos, which mentioned a 1979 article in Playboy magazine about her. It just so happens that my father was an avid collector of Playboy magazines which I’ve kept tidily boxed up […]

May 232009
My Bittersweet Moog Journey, Part 5 (conclusion)

(continued from Part 4) Now that I had decided to start at square one with the Minimoog Voyager, the synth whose analog circuits have a touch of magic about them that gives it a rich sound full of character, the only question was when would the purchase make sense. And after the trials and tribulations […]