Dec 072012
Micro-Key Snob Hypocrite? That's Me!

I’ve watched the growing micro-key keyboard trend with some disdain. “But they’re not full-size keys,” I say. They’re compact, even playable, but … I just realized I’m a hypocrite. Let’s back up a bit first. So where did the micro-key trend start? The lineage of the current line-up of micro-key keyboards is most easily followed […]

Nov 282011
What do the Wasp, the OSCar, and the Supernova have in common?

What do the Electric Dream Plant Wasp, the Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar, and the Novation Supernova have in common? Chris Huggett, of course! Chris played an important role in the design of all of these instruments and others, and is still involved with Novation today. Read up on Chris and amaze your synthfiend friends with […]

Dec 212009
The End of an Amazing Decade, Part 1: The Marriage of Hardware and Software

I came across a thread in the Keys, Synths, & Samplers forum on Harmony Central in which people were discussing what significant music-related trends/events had occurred in the first decade of the 21st century (2000-2009, the “aughts,” or better yet, the “naughties”). I began writing a post for the thread, and the more I thought […]