Oct 312014
What's that synth? John Carpenter's Halloween (1978)

Last night, I saw Halloween (the original 1978 film by John Carpenter) at the movie theater for the very first time, and found myself wondering what synth(s) were used in the soundtrack. Read on for the surprising answer. My teen years having taken place in the ’80s, I’d enjoyed watching pretty much every classic slasher film […]

May 292013
Giorgio Moroder Tells His Story On New Daft Punk Track

  The new Daft Punk / Giorgio Moroder collaboration on Daft Punk‘s new album, Random Access Memories, is not only a great track, but it tells a great story too, courtesy of Moroder’s autobiographical voiceover. Moroder’s dialog not only gives insight to his start in electronic music, but frames the music in the track perfectly […]

Aug 242012
Is this the New Golden Age of Synthesizers?

  I came across this post over at one of my favorite blogs, Synthtopia – the question posed is whether Apple’s iPad has made digital synth keyboards obsolete. The discussion there is really great and worth the read – but it made me think even more about an idea that I’ve been thinking about recently: is […]

Jan 262012
One of Arturia's MiniBrute Designers: Yves Usson

I was fortunate to attend the recent Winter NAMM Show where the Arturia MiniBrute made its debut. For any of you synthfiends who have been frozen in carbonite, trapped in a well, or without a computer or smartphone for the last couple of weeks, the MiniBrute is Arturia’s first analog synth (and arguably one of […]

Jan 052012
Moog's Detroit Minitaur Pre-Launch Event with Holy F*ck

I was fortunate to be invited to the Detroit pre-launch event introducing Moog Music’s new Minitaur analog bass synthesizer module to a small group of people. The invitation-only event was held late last month at High Bias Recordings, a studio with a great vibe, stacked high with all varieties of vintage gear and staffed by a phenomenal […]

Dec 182011
Wendy Carlos Playboy Interview, May 1979

This is one time that I can honestly say I was reading a Playboy magazine for the articles. I came across this post about Wendy Carlos, which mentioned a 1979 article in Playboy magazine about her. It just so happens that my father was an avid collector of Playboy magazines which I’ve kept tidily boxed up […]