Aug 242012
Is this the New Golden Age of Synthesizers?

  I came across this post over at one of my favorite blogs, Synthtopia¬†– the question posed is whether Apple’s iPad has made digital synth keyboards obsolete. The discussion there is really great and worth the read – but it made me think even more about an idea that I’ve been thinking about recently: is […]

Jan 262012
One of Arturia's MiniBrute Designers: Yves Usson

I was fortunate to attend the recent Winter NAMM Show where the Arturia MiniBrute made its debut. For any of you synthfiends who have been frozen in carbonite, trapped in a well, or without a computer or smartphone for the last couple of weeks, the MiniBrute is Arturia’s first analog synth (and arguably one of […]

Nov 282011
What do the Wasp, the OSCar, and the Supernova have in common?

What do the Electric Dream Plant Wasp, the Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar, and the Novation Supernova have in common? Chris Huggett, of course! Chris played an important role in the design of all of these instruments and others, and is still involved with Novation today. Read up on Chris and amaze your synthfiend friends with […]

May 232009
My Bittersweet Moog Journey, Part 5 (conclusion)

(continued from Part 4) Now that I had decided to start at square one with the Minimoog Voyager, the synth whose analog circuits have a touch of magic about them that gives it a rich sound full of character, the only question was when would the purchase make sense. And after the trials and tribulations […]