Mar 062012
Instagram, Chillwave, and SiriusXM U

I started listening to SiriusXM U a couple of months ago – I think it’s important to keep in touch with what’s happening in college radio (which is different than mainstream Alternative). I was immediately struck by the gratuitous use of reverb, the likes of which I hadn’t heard in decades, if at all. Reverb […]

Jan 092012
Harrison Ford - Keyboard Player?

I was doing some research for the re-write and expansion of the Tom Oberheim Wikipedia article, when I came across a random and potentially awesome tidbit of trivia in Peter Forrest’s indispensable resource, The A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers. In the entry for each analog synth manufacturer, Forrest lists some notable users, and in the Oberheim […]

Jan 072012

Here’s a great quote from the noted composer and electronic music pioneer Milton Babbitt : “As for the future of electronic music, it seems quite obvious to me that its unique resources guarantee its use, because it has shifted the boundaries of music away from the limitations of the acoustical instrument, of the performer’s coordinating capabilities, […]