Jan 092012

I was doing some research for the re-write and expansion of the Tom Oberheim Wikipedia article, when I came across a random and potentially awesome tidbit of trivia in Peter Forrest’s indispensable resource, The A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers. In the entry for each analog synth manufacturer, Forrest lists some notable users, and in the Oberheim entry, he writes:

“Users include (actual model unknown): Harrison Ford, KLF, Magma, Warren Zevon (Harrison Ford once bought Warren Zevon an Oberheim – and  knew how to operate it.)”

Really? This intrigues me!! I began searching for any other mention of Harrison Ford having involvement with keyboards or synthesizers. Here’s what I found (each of which is pretty interesting in its own right):

But–no other mention of Harrison Ford as a musician or keyboard player. I’m planning on following up with Mr. Forrest in the hopes of finding out more detailed information, but I also welcome related information from anyone else who has it. Do you?

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